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New year, with various cats

I’m a cat lover, which doesn’t mean anything but it’s a nice excuse to share kitty pics with you. The Smilodon skull above is a fabulous museum quality cast of a fossil, purchased from the Museum of Osteology’s gift shop. … Continue reading

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Drawing With Friends at the Museum

There’s something special about sketching with friends. Last Saturday my friends Becky and Mitsuno and I met upstairs in the Natural Wonders Gallery at SNOMNH for a morning of companionable sketching. Our little group was a cluster of self-affirming creative … Continue reading

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New England Love Letter, part 1

This is a love letter to a great North American region; I’m about to get mushy and more than a little verklempt, if you’ll permit me. I’ve been more a little emotional the last few days just thinking how quickly … Continue reading

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Mammoths, Diatrymas and Bison latifrons

Had a lovely day with a couple of art friends, Becky and Mitsuno, sketching for fun at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History. We went to a quiet spot in the Ancient Life Gallery that is inhabited by … Continue reading

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So Many Sketches, So Little Time

Just a quick post while I’m putting a couple of workshops together. This Thursday I’m giving a class at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, “Drawing the Worlds of the Past“. Lots of great skeleton mounts to sketch. … Continue reading

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Miocene hell, reimagined

For those of you who like your paleontology with a good set of word pictures and some well-imagined scenarios of natural devastation, this will get your blood racing. Great reconstruction writing from Chris Clarke.

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Attention Stamp Collectors!

There are times when you get to do something that’s, well, so artistic and so darn useful all at the same time, that you just shake your head and only hope you get to do it again someday. In honor … Continue reading

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