ACTS Field Station, Peruvian Amazon

…a rainy night in the Amazon jungle…

The calls of an ochre-striped antpitta, recorded in Peru.

Dusky titi monkey, Peru. Listen to the sound of a whole troupe...

Great tinamou and chick, Panama
Keelbilled toucan calling: listen to the "warm-up" ratcheting at the start. There's a red-capped manakin displaying nearby. Listen for the snaps and buzzes. Recorded in Panama.
Chestnut-backed antbirds, recorded and sketched in Panama. The squirrel was there, too, an innocent bystander.

3 thoughts on “Tropical Rainforest Sounds

  1. Caroline says:

    After days of searching on the internet, having to avoid youtube due to my school filtering it, I came across this web page and was delighted! I am a primary school teacher and I am doing a topic on the Caribbean and Rainforests. Finding your sounds was fantastic just before I had given up hope of finding something that was not just waves crashing on the shore.

    Once again, thank you!

  2. Daryl says:

    What a wonderful combination sketches with sound. Now if we can only get touch and smell included it would be perfect. Thanks again for sharing!
    Happy Exploring, Daryl

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