Plein Air New England 2011

Plein air mixed media artworks drawn for a visual study of the effects of forest succession on colonial and post-colonial era structures hidden in the woods of Petersham, Massachusetts and surroundings.  This study was supported by Harvard’s Charles Bullard Fellowship over an eight-month period in 2011. All of these are pastel and graphite drawings measuring 22″ x 15″ on Rives BFK paper, drawn on location in the forest.

8 Responses to Plein Air New England 2011

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  2. charlikerns says:

    Your pictures are so natural and beautiful! They look a lot like areas that I’ve kayaked up here. They’re very sweet and make me smile. Thank you.

  3. The pictures are wonderful. Question – why has all this land, where people were born, loved, loved and died, now gone back to forest? The forest is beautiful but in a sense it makes me sad. Like a lost civilization. Where did it go and why?

    • zeladoniac says:

      You’re right- it’s like a lost civilization. I’ve seen Mayan ruins and these are right up the same alley. Great questions-where did everyone go? what happened here, and why?-have answers that generally center around the economy, the environment, and sustainability. Does that sound sort of familiar?

  4. i spent one wonderful year in new england and your art takes me right back to that time. beautiful. splendid light,soft flowing water. just lovely… each one!

  5. Bobbie UK says:

    Stunning art work you have captured the history and the nature of that place.

  6. Your work is poetic with edge! Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing!!!

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