Panama Jungle Sketches Page

18 Responses to Panama Jungle Sketches Page

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  2. TR says:

    This is a book I would buy. You should have this published!!!

  3. Clare says:

    Yeah, I’ll echo that thought. I’d buy this.

  4. Becky says:

    Ditto, ditto, ditto!! Wonderful, lively drawings!

  5. Ken Januski says:

    Wonderful sketches and watercolors! I’m really amazed that you’re able to portray both animal and vegetable life so well. They can be very different and need almost a different skill, especially in the large vegetative masses such as the little island behind the boat dock.

    And of course, what has been my main question as these sketches have appeared over the last few weeks: Doesn’t that seam down the middle of your notebook drive you nuts?! Obviously not.

    These really are wonderful examples of what great work can come from working from life.

  6. zeladoniac says:

    Thanks all for great comments. Ken, the seam doesn’t bother me- I sort of think it works well with the drawing and lets you know “this is in a sketchbook”. And I like having the extra real estate and not confining the drawing to one side or the other. Give it a try!

    If I do a book, should it be a mystery, a gossipy tell-all, or a jungle bodice-ripper?

  7. Tim Wootton says:

    Yet more superb drawings Debbie. I’ve long been a fan, but these take the viewer on a breathtaking journey of pure delight and discovery – lovely, lovely work!!!
    Oh! – definitely the boddice-ripper, please!

  8. Ken Januski says:

    OK, Debby, you’ve convinced me! I’ve ordered a couple of the Moleskin watercolor books. One way or another I’m going to force myself to do more work from life………..

    As far as the book my vote is for a mystery. There was a California author, Rebecca Rothenberg, who wrote about 3 botanical mysteries many years ago which I recall were very good. But I’ve never run across a high quality bird-related mystery.

  9. Great fun to see, Debbie! You’re an inspiration.

  10. Hester says:


  11. Sangeetha says:

    Absolutely brilliant ! Chanced upon your blog for the first time.. i love it ! You sure are an inspiration ! 🙂
    Waiting to see more !!

  12. Cris Winters says:

    Wonderful sketches and commentary! We are headed to Panama soon, and I am inspired by your beautiful work. Thanks!

  13. Ive tried this so many times but I can never get them to sit still! Maybe I should just take a photo and go from there

  14. Marcello says:

    I love your drawing and your work ! BRAVO :)))))

    Sorry for my bad English… 🙂


  15. Madhan says:

    Hi I cant believe this.. it does not look like an art.. looks like photography or printed. You definitely need to publish this.


  16. Brito says:

    Really Cool, where on earth do you get the inspiration from to draw these. CHEERS, Britto.

  17. andrew says:

    these sketches are awesome – you can really see the passion for the subject in your work – they feel alive – many congrats!

  18. Mireille Plamondon says:

    You really have an incredible talent. Thank you for this amazing journey into nature.

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