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I Prefer The Alligators


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Sketch of the Day: Rest and Roll, Royal Horses

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Orchids and Flycatchers, revisited

Drawing from videos: very useful if you don’t have live birds in your studio. While painting a pair of rusty-margined flycatchers, I was troubled by a weird head position in the field sketch. What looked okay in the drawing looked … Continue reading

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Friday Fauna-Jungle Escape Pod

The cat caught a mouse between my bare feet this week. She’d lain siege for days listening to it scrabble and gnaw behind the kitchen baseboards. While I stood at the sink and washed dishes, I felt a light breeze … Continue reading

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Your Natural History Moment

When I planted native passion flower on the back fence, it was part of my hardy-tropicals garden scheme. But instead of fabulous flowers I got an outbreak of glorious butterflies- gulf fritillaries. The butterflies are so beautiful I’ve forgiven their … Continue reading

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Friday- Feathers or Figures? Feathers.

In a recent post about chestnut-headed oropendolas, I promised to get back to you with better (published) information, and after some searching found The Nesting Habits of Wagler’s Oropendola (Zarhynchus wagleri) On Barro Colorado Island, from the Bulletin of the … Continue reading

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Friday Feathers- The Lady Oropendola Weaving Collective

A flock of chestnut headed oropendolas, oriole relatives common to the Canal Zone of Panama, are establishing a colony in a bare-branched tree near our cabina on the hill. There are seven of them and they’ve just gotten started as … Continue reading

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