My Own Personal Radio Station

I listen to a lot of music when I’m drawing, painting or concepting. This isn’t true when I’m doing something on the left side of my brain, like thinking. Drawing, painting and concepting and thinking are mutually exclusive, for me. I try to subscribe to the lovely philosophy of Gustave Moreau, who advised the artist sagely: “Art does not live by will alone; everything depends on docile submission to the inrush of the unconcious”. Works for me. But I need a little music to facilitate the process. I think Gustave employed opium. To each his own.

So when Mike told me about a new website called, which he learned about in the latest issue of Esquire, I had to take a look. What a joy, so much fun, so easy- it took a few of my musical suggestions and created a custom blend of music to fit my taste. And I can create up to 100 different stations, each one playing the artists I choose and ones they come up with that ought to please me as well. And if I hear something I don’t like, I’ll just vote it off the island and off my station. Right now I’m listening to “All Girl Radio” which features rootsy female vocalists, including Lucinda Williams, Patti Griffith, Laurie Lewis, Maddy Prior, Norah Jones and whoever they come up with to match.

What an amazing invention!

2 thoughts on “My Own Personal Radio Station

  1. Julie Zickefoose says:

    Loving your blug, loving Pandora, too! I have a station I call Zickstream. OOh, gotta get some Lucinda on there! And I gotta get a link to your blug from mine!!!

    Love you–hey, the cover looks faaabulous!

  2. krykeywebradio says:

    Hi, try where you can create your own ‘real’ Personal Radio Station, not a Jukebox like Pandora – its new, and has all the features of a terrestrial radio station.

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