Screech Owls and Manikins

It’s been a busy few weeks and will be a busy few more as I paint as fast as I can for an upcoming solo show at Oklahoma’s state capitol in OKC. I’ve got something like 9 paintings going at once and whatever I can get done first will get framed and hung. So I’m herewith posting a couple. The screech owl is in progress, going pretty well and I hope to finish it up in the next day or two. The red-capped manikin is the left hand side of the sawn-in-half painting. It’s finished, so now I’ve got a nice matched couple of pieces. A two for one. I’ll have more information and a link when it gets a little closer, although in my eyes it’s looming right overhead….

One thought on “Screech Owls and Manikins

  1. Cid says:

    I had to blow this image up to truely appreciate it. So I thought you might like to know the first words that came out of my mouth then I enlarged it…

    “Bloody awesome!”–>

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