The Kite Flies

It’s a rare good feeling to finish not only a painting but an entire project; this one’s occupied me night and day for the past three months and other than tying up the loose ends (framing, mailing, transporting a truckload of paintings) it’s a new day. A fine day. I’m pleased with the work, Here’s the last painting, the Mississippi Kite.
A closeup of the bird:

2 thoughts on “The Kite Flies

  1. Anonymous says:

    You’re a wonderful draftsman (draftsperson?) and I love the paintings, too. What media for the painting? OIl? Acrylic?
    Very, very nice!

  2. Zeladoniac says:

    This is acrylic on masonite; I love the feel of the smooth board under the paint. I gesso it with a foam roller to get a “tooth” and do an underpainting in washy thin acrylic grisaille, followed up by glazes and thicker brushstrokes of color. And a pretty limited palette but lately one that’s been expanding.

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