Publicity Hound

The Oklahoma State Capitol Governor’s Gallery show opened and a press release went out from the Capitol staff with these very pleasing results: a reporter and photographer were sent out from the Daily Oklahoman (although I’m not sure when that’s going to run) to do a feature-length story; a story in the weekly arts paper POP written by Norman Transcript art writer Elizabeth Burr will be published this Friday; and to put the icing on the media cake, the charming and handsome Galen Culver from KFOR (Channel 4 in OKC) came by today with his video camera to put together a story for a segment called “Is This A Great State or What?” running, if all goes well, next week.

And it’s funny, but something unrelated came out of the blue last night, and it’s what I’m most tickled by out of all of these wonderful events: the Moleskine company, which makes high-quality bound blank books with near-cult status, found my “sketchbooks” website section and published a couple of drawings on their website- with a link to mine. I highly recommend their heavy duty sketchbooks. And it’s been quite a week. Heady stuff. Here is the Moleskine website:

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