Where Did it Go?

Time, that is. How long ago did I get back from, where was I? Australia? I am SO off track. Anyway, it was swell, and the drawings are all posted up on a fresh new page on my website http://www.debbykaspari.com. Sorry it’s been so long in coming!

Since Australia I’ve been to Wisconsin, where I had a painting in the Birds in Art show at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Museum (another life-goal met! that’s two back to back, the first being to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef). Wisconsin was swell, the show magnificent and hanging out with bird artists was a delight beyond compare. Must do that more often!

Now I’m working on three huge paleolithic paintings for the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History, which will be of a giant Miocene era Camel, a Crinoid forest and an Elasmosaur. They will be put into an exhibit called, “Collecting Oklahoma” in June. I’m doing them at half-size, they’ll be photographed and digitally enlarged to twice the painting size. The Elasmosaur, for instance, is a 30-foot long beast. That’s one big painting. More to come…. don’t let me drone on….go look at the Australia drawings! http://www.debbykaspari.com/SketchbooksAustralia.html

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