I’m SO Loving My Makeover!

img_3658.JPGIf you want to get out of your rut, I recommend doing something really dramatic with your hair (other options are more expensive and potentially ruinious). It’s fast, painless, and if it’s REALLY dramatic, people start conversations with you and smile a lot more. I like that sort of blowback from a haircut. Got it yesterday.

img_3603.JPG Before

I walked into Moda, a stylish little salon in Norman, Oklahoma (okay, get your head around that concept and we can continue) with my unruly mop, and walked out with a wild tousled espresso colored bob with slices of bright caramel swirling like a Chez Panisse dessert. Or a Starbucks holiday drink.

img_3606.JPG Here my head is detached and placed on the rotating anti-grav platform- a must for fidgety customers.

The cut was done by Shane, who I met in the JRB Gallery one day when I was bringing in paintings. He simply said, “I cut curly hair, and I can do something with that”.

img_3614.JPG My face is carefully masked to prevent excessive fright and possible bolting.

I now worship Shane- he was true to his word. He spent a lot of time shaping my hair, knowing that what curly looks like wet is nothing like how it looks dry. Curl has a mind of its own.

img_3619.JPG Getting there- but it’s just a little Republican. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
I brought in pictures of the top-vote-getting styles in my earlier post (#6, #3 #2,#4) and he used them as a guideline and got a good synthesis of all four with his own take overlaid and improving everything.

img_3623.JPG Surprise- there was a face under all that stuff.

The colorist was the inventive and daring Misha, to whom I said “I’m an artist. I can do wacky”.

img_3635.JPG Misha breaks my hair into triangles and butters sections before wrapping in foil. Next, my head is popped in the oven for a slow bake, cooled on a rack, and unwrapped for rinsing and toning.

She used her good taste and restraint to create color styling that has artistic and creative written all over it using three colors cutting in and out of the layers Shane had put in earlier. Dramatic, fun, and wonderful. A toast to my new do, and to my new hair team at Moda.

Okay, back to that highbrow discussion of Art. Now, where was I?

11 thoughts on “I’m SO Loving My Makeover!

  1. Carol says:

    I LOVE it! And the color is fantastic!!
    Your glasses are really fun and sexy, too, and you can notice that now with the great do.

  2. Julie Zickefoose says:

    You’re beautiful!!! You always were but oh my goodness what a change!! It’s WAY better than any of the do’s you did in cyberspace. It’s perfect. Now you’re Shane’s slave forever, girlfriend. I’m going to a nice salon in Pittsburgh in February–have been growing out the hopeless hack-cut I got way back in September, for gosh sake. REally looking forward to it. I toy with the idea of adding a highlight here or there. It’s only just getting to where it looks good, four months after she snatched me bald.

    Must say your prose is sparkling. You rock, my dear!


  3. zeladoniac says:

    Hey thanks, you guys!!! It’s the best thing I ever did with my hair, like, ever. And Julie, you’re beautiful with any haircut. Now go get brave with color. Your kids will dig it!

  4. Jane Streett says:

    Julie sent me your blog weeks ago asking me which style I liked the best. I have to say that the one you have is better than any one of them. You rock!!! Just love the color as well as the cut! I am a 53 yr old woman with hair straight as a stick below my shoulder blades and you make me want to give it a whirl! I just love the new look.

  5. Tom (Paris) says:

    Great makeover! Fits you well. Love the pics – before, during and after.
    One question : “a stylish little salon in Norman, Oklahoma”, guess I’ve been overseas too long, but is that possible?
    OK, my own answer : Living proof that it is possible found at Drawing the Motmot!

  6. shila says:

    Oh. That. Look. Is. Great. On. You. I see New York gallery, dancing til dawn, going for the brass ring. Love the cut, love the color, love the festive spirit it brings out in you. You rock!

  7. shane martin says:

    Debby- I LOVE IT!! I can’t believe the finished product looks so good. And I’m so glad that you were pleased. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity!

  8. your mother says:

    Here I go again. I typed in my name, so maybe this time you’ll get it. Let me know. I too love your hairdo which I saw recently in person. I have to say, I’ve really enjoyed the many comments on your hairdo. These people are terrific. Let me know if you get this message. Love, your ever-admiring, one and only mom.

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