Stretching the Sketch

Doris’ HorseJust a very quick post this morning, as I’m on my way to try out etching those rainforest drawings, but here’s another way to use your sketches: turn them into paintings. Or something like one. Here’s where I took a couple of quick drawings, one of my friend Doris’ horse, and one of a Sable antelope at the OKC zoo. I enlarged and redrew them onto good solid archival Rives BFK print paper and added some pastel touches here and there. I always let the paper and lines show through. Gotta go, but here are the results. They are both around 20″ x 30″.

Sable Antelope

2 thoughts on “Stretching the Sketch

  1. Deepa says:

    Hi again
    So we are back again to my favourite sketch of yours….am all set to see how it progresses…

    Your fan as always

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