Whooping Cranes Victims of the Storm in Florida

A tragedy is further compounded.

All 18 endangered young whooping cranes that were led south from Wisconsin last fall as part of a project to create a second migratory flock of the birds were killed in storms in Florida, a spokesman said.


2 thoughts on “Whooping Cranes Victims of the Storm in Florida

  1. Linda says:

    Oh my gosh — that is SO sad! And I think particularly so since they were in an enclosure, which kind of makes it feel like they didn’t have a chance (although I know it was for a good reason — the team has done a wonderful job with that flock.) I went and saw the Texas flock one April and recommend the trip to anyone who loves birds — the whoopers are magnificent animals.

  2. zeladoniac says:

    They really are magnificent- I’ve gotten to see one- just one- at Bosque Del Apache refuge, mixed in with thousands of Sandhills. I count myself lucky.
    Recommended reading on the subject of cranes worldwide: The Birds of Heaven by Peter Matthiessen.

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