I’m Still Cold

nephila spider

Although it’s veering off into spring-like conditions here, up into the upper 40s and the cardinals have begun to sing, I’m still wearing two sweaters and baking stuff so I can stand in front of the oven and get warm.

By way of warming up, I’ve been reading Chapman and some of my field notes from Panama, mostly smeared and hard to read:

What Morphos look like when they aren’t being big and blue: dead leaves with owl eyes

Panama Canal: Ship with a great color scheme- mint green with tangerine deck fittings.

6/9 Snyder-Molina Trail: rust-colored spider monkeys and their thuggish little faces disturb a pair of guans who honk and head-bob and flap around.

Stuck my face in a big, well formed web- got through it and looked back to see a big Nephila hanging head-down. Glad I’m not taller.

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