A Better Bull


Graze Anatomy

My Rodeo Bull finally appears to be finished- after I consulted my copy of Animal Anatomy for Artists (Ellenberger, Dover Publications, 1949), a wondrous book with spectacular pencil drawings of animals deconstructed in various stages all the way down to the skeleton. Since they are in lifelike poses, with a even a nice sparkle to the eyes, the drawings are a little eery.

Besides anatomy correction, Rodeo Bull needed some color punch, which was provided in the form of napthol red, cadmium orange and cobalt blue pushed into the shadows. Cutting loose with a loaded brush is also a good way to loosen up the painting. Sometimes it works, sometimes it creates a deep sense of regret, but this time I got the former. How happy I was.

Note: if you paint with your cat on your lap, don’t let her switch her tail over your palette unless you want to wash out the paint while you hold her in the sink .


6 thoughts on “A Better Bull

  1. bioephemera says:

    “Since they are in lifelike poses, with a even a nice sparkle to the eyes, the drawings are a little eery.”

    Isn’t that so true? Whether it’s an illustration of a human or an animal, it shouldn’t be looking at you calmly with its dermis missing. 🙂

    I really like your result here – it reminds me of the color and volume of the Altamira cave paintings.

  2. Linda says:

    Oh, I think you’ve fixed this one up nicely! Getting that right front leg up off of the ground made all the difference — NOW he’s a force to be reckoned with!
    🙂 Beautiful colors, and great filled out form.

  3. zeladoniac says:

    You all should take a look at the beautiful work of bioephemera (see link above). Fantastical and tasteful combinations of carved stonework, text, and insects.

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