Whooping Cranes- great amateur video

Whooping Cranes in Kansas

Here’s a wonderful video of a flock of 18 whooping cranes that showed up in Kansas this last Wednesday. It gave me goosebumps big time, especially when they rose into the sunset sky, crooning as they flew. Beautiful to see, strange and unearthly to hear.

3 thoughts on “Whooping Cranes- great amateur video

  1. Larry Mays says:

    Nice Video.

    Yesterday at Hackberry Flats, just about two hours southwest of Norman, Oklahoma, you could have seen (and heard!) eight whoopers. When I got there they were resting within 200 yards of the road. A group from the Oklahoma Academy of Science, which were having their spring meeting at Quartz Mountain State Park in Altus, stopped by. At about the same time the birds all took off, circled around, calling, and landed again.

    If you have any free time, make a run down there. There are currently thousands and thousands of ducks and shorebirds present, though, with a south wind today, the cranes will probably have moved on.

  2. Linda says:

    If you ever get the chance, go down to Texas (Aransas Wildlife Refuge) and see them. They are AMAZING in person! Great video — thanks for posting the link!

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