Rainy Days and Drawing Dogs

Australian Shepherd, pencil on Rives BFK, white pastel

Boy, has it been raining here- not to brag, but today we got 3 1/2 inches and yesterday we got 5 1/2. There’s standing water everywhere, the grass is out of control, ponds are overflowing, and there are more storms on the way tonight. Just look at a weather map. Of course there is always plenty of static action along with all the downpour, and with storms like this there have been impressive lightning strikes all around us. This is very conducive to making artwork. When this happens I unplug the computer and go analog. Or maybe I should call it accoustic art. Old-timey string-band sketching.

Giant Schnauzer, pencil on Rives BFK with white pastel

This was an unplugged morning, and with lightning flashing, the windows rattling from crashing thunder, and a gully-washer of a rainstorm coming down outside I took out three dog drawings I did at the OKC Kennel Club’s show a few years back, where I sketched poodles, mastiffs, Irish setters, and a huge gentle Newfie, among other wonderful canines. The sketches become the raw material for something  suitable for framing, redrawn on tan toned Rives BFK, a 100% rag printmaking paper which I happen to think is the sexiest paper in the world. I’m using a new pencil, a Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth Triograph 1830/6B, Czech-made, heavy, triangular in cross-section, rich black and the perfect mate for this paper. A delicious combination, in fact. A little white pastel for highlights and I had the beginning of a series, not to mention a good morning’s work.  And tonight, as I wait for the next round of frisky weather to pound its way here,  the toads are trilling outside as they mate in our little pond, which is full to the brim as it can ever be.

Woebegone Golden Retriever, pencil on Rives BFK with white pastel

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