Rainy Day Projects


Argemone (wild Prickly poppy)- hand-colored linocut on mulberry paper, 6″x6″

It’s been pouring since, I think, March- not that I’m complaining-so this morning I cut some rudbeckia, sunflowers, daisy fleabane, Queen Anne’s lace and some kind of sedge or rush, I confess ignorance and invite identification. This will be a sketch toward a linoleum cut with a goldfinch added in with the flowers.


Linoleum cuts have been added to the mix over here;


I’m trying to get a handle on it. It’s a nice, low tech way of making prints, and favors the strong, simple design rather than complex detail.


Argemone- original sketch in felt tip pen

I’ve done a couple this week and added color after the print was made


(back of the spoon, water-based black ink, mulberry paper), using ordinary watercolor and a sable brush. My goal is to learn to do reduction prints: multiple color achieved by cutting away parts of the block for each color run. Your edition is necessarily limited; the block is destroyed by the process. A great tutorial for the process can be seen here.


I’ll post more as I go. This is a perfect project for bringing the outdoors in, all except the rain.

Keeps Coming Down

6 thoughts on “Rainy Day Projects

  1. bioephemera says:

    Hey, isn’t linocut great? I have a bit of a wrist issue, so I stick with the easy-carve rubber slabs; you don’t get quite as much detail that way, but it’s easier to cut. I love the poppies! I had never heard of a prickly poppy – at first glance I thought it was a Matilja poppy, which is my favorite flower.

  2. zeladoniac says:

    I noticed the wrist(and hand) strain, too, perhaps it’s me trying to push too hard. I’m trying a new linoleum and it seems to be a bit softer.

    You’re right, Biophemera, the argemone looks a LOT like Matilija poppy, which I love (we can’t grown them here, too cold in the winter, but that may change). The flower has the same crepe paper petals. It’s a wildflower here and graciously landed in my garden, where I cultivate it and get some outstanding blooms and foliage.

    I hope you’re not getting the flooding in the UK that they’re getting to our south in Texas- they had something like 16 inches of rain yesterday around Austin!

  3. vectisbirder says:

    Unfortunately half of England is literally under water (luckily not where I live), with some deaths, people homeless, the Air Force rescuing people, the Army distributing humanitarian aid and half the country’s crops destroyed. No end in sight, either.

  4. Carol says:

    You might want to try putting the linoleum on a heating pad set on low. Linoleum gets warm and cuts like butter …

    Lovely work!

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