It’s Opening Night!

Something’s Coming

Something’s Coming, Ornate Hawk-eagle. Acrylic on board 13×24

I’m taking the day off, and basically I’m going to do my nails. All day. Tonight “Passionate Menagerie” opens at the JRB Art at the Elms Gallery. I’ll try to be tanned and rested for the reception, which is from 6 to 10pm. There’s going to be live bluegrass music played by the artful trio of John Arnold, Bob French, and Gary Howe, and some very good refreshments will be served. The JRB is in an OKC arts district called the Paseo. There’s a “First Friday” gallery walk every month, so people can stroll from opening to opening, sampling the hors d’ ouvres and artworks. Come on down, y’all!

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