The Kaspari Media Juggernaut Rolls Along


Host Brent Skarky, OklaTravelNews, onstage live at the Riverwind Casino

Did my first webcast today. It was done live from a studio at the Riverwind Casino just south of Norman, Oklahoma. I was on to promote my show at JRB Art at the Elms, and I was asked to bring along a sketchbook so they could interview me while I drew the foliage outside the casino. The “studio” is onstage in the casino lounge, with raging slot machine action in the background and constant warbling sound effects consistent with winning and not winning (you hate to use the word, “losing” in a casino, it’s so darned negative).

There was a minor change of plans while I waited to go on, and it was decided to interview me indoors, which I was happy to do since I’ve always wanted to be a lounge act, but I’m considered a nature artist and there was nothing natural about the place, colorful and rich with visual interest though it was. Someone ran around looking for a potted plant, anything, but no go. No problem. I drew the host.

Then, as these things happen, technical difficulties played havoc with the program schedule and I ended up doing the interview from a phone in the studio booth, surrounded by stacks of broadcast and sound equipment. You can see this segment archived on the link above toward the end of the program. I believe they are planning to do an additional segment next week, so check back again. After the phone interview we went outside, where I got my landscaping sketch/interview on camera for posterity, to be on a webcast at a later date. Stay tuned!


Producer Katie at the controls.

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