Hacking the Studio, Again


I stole this print-drying rack design from a very fine artist whose work I admire heartily and who’s been generous with her expertise. Thank you, Sherrie! It works great!

Don’t you love the green plastic roofing tacks holding the clothespins to the 1×2?

This is a linocut of a Black-breasted Puffbird, which I observed, spellbound, on the Wheeler Trail in the rainforest of Panama’s Barro Colorado Island, in a tree-fall gap about 500 meters from the trailhead. There was a broken tree with a flush of new leaves at the top, and the Puffbird sat and surveyed its surroundings from the upper branch. I stood almost beneath it for many long minutes which gave me ample time to work on the foreshortening. This print is an edition of 30 on very beautiful Japanese Hoshi paper. This rack holds exactly 31 prints, 3″ apart, so I have one space for a good artist’s proof. And I’ll be leaving for the Island again next week, for a sketching/painting/birding/thinking/writing two-week sojourn in the romantic tropics. High time for one of those! And I am so loving my new print-drying rack!

4 thoughts on “Hacking the Studio, Again

  1. otterdotes says:

    That’s a great pring! I’ve never seen something so nice 🙂

    Also, great rack, but do you store it or leave it up always?

  2. Linda says:

    Hey — the rack is a great idea — and it could be used just to hang sketches and whatnot up off the table and out of the way. Thanks for posting this one! The print looks great from here — are you planning on hand coloring them? It should also be fun seeing what you come back with from your trip — have a great time!

  3. zeladoniac says:

    Lots of good uses for this item- and it can be removed and stored. The 1×2 is fitted into slots at the tops of the supports at either end (vertical 1x3s) and the supports can be unscrewed and detached from the tabletop. I actually will probably leave it up, since it’s a good reminder for me to make prints.

    I think this one’s going to be black and white although I might take one and play with color anyway. I like the “logo” look it has in b&W. Kind of a bold look. And I’m thinking of taking a small piece of linoleum or two with me to do plein air. Depends on how much other junk I have to take along!

  4. Sherrie Y says:

    Hey! I recognize that thing! But your classy green roofin tacks are so much nicer than my boring old screws.

    Just wait until you’re compelled, like I’ve been, to add an “extension.” Mine hangs from the bottom of the first rack like an extra closet rod. Have a great trip!

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