Gone Birdin’, Drawin’, Travelin’

I don’t know why it’s so cozy and folksy to drop the ‘g’ but y’all know what I mean. I’ll be out in the Panama rainforest for the next couple of weeks, so please keep the blog warm while I’m gone. If it’s possible, I’ll post from there (it’s a pretty up-to-date field research station with running water and internet so I’ll see what can I can do). With any luck, you’ll be hearing about monkeys and researchers and violaceous trogons and all the steamy joys of the tropical tangle I so dearly love to wrap myself up in while I’m right there. Woohoo!


In the meantime, I’m leaving you with a few shots of where I’m going. Please feel free to browse the archives. I’ll be back soon!


Two-toed sloth sleeping on the vine, Barro Colorado Island. Two toes on the front, three on the back. Count ’em!


Pale legs? That’s all I can say? It’s a White-whiskered Puffbird. With pale legs.


Cecropia tree, the ultimate light gap colonizer. For starters.


A Bat falcon scrapes the sky- with those sharp wings it could put an eye out.


The intrepid explorer wrapped in a humid green hell, Oklahoma style.


2 thoughts on “Gone Birdin’, Drawin’, Travelin’

  1. toni says:

    I came by your blog via Linda @ Quotidian Curiosities and Bill of the Birds all in one day so hear I am and will be reading your archives while you are away.
    Have a safe trip.

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