Drawing At Happy Hour



A mighty Post Oak in awesome angled Happy Hour light

Been on a tree-drawing kick since both New Hampshire and Quartz Mountain. It’s basically a way to study light falling on highly organic shapes, and it’s easier to do with a subject that’s holding still (as opposed to flying away). So right around Happy Hour I’ve been going outside with a large artist’s clip-board, big sheets of paper torn to fit and clamped down with Bulldog clips, my 6B pencil, and a folding chair. Happy Hour is what I call it when the light slants in from the golden west and illuminates everything it hits with unnatural beauty (and you could enjoy it with a beer, if you want to). It’s a swell way to observe form, because the shadows are sharper, negative spaces are deeper, and that brilliant light is just purely fantastic. Anything caught in it takes your breath away. So I started by drawing my own backyard oak trees, and then began driving around our little Oklahoma backroads looking for subjects to draw at Happy Hour, gasping at the beauty of glowing trees, cows, old barns, round hay bales, and for that matter, front loaders, wrecked cars, trailer homes, junk piles, and other objects not normally seen in their best light.

Here are some of the latest from Happy Hour.





9 thoughts on “Drawing At Happy Hour

  1. Becky says:

    Gorgeous drawings, Debby! Your line quality is beautiful, playful and unmatched. Thanks for the encouragement to enjoy the Oklahoma Happy Hour.

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