Drawings and Paintings


There’s a new feature here in the DtM Sidebar, One Hundred Starts and Sketchbook Page. Now you can keep up on the latest sketches and plein air starts (I’m all the way up to #4).

Yesterday I went out to Lake Thunderbird where I found a quiet rocky cove on the north shore. I had it all to myself, surrounded by red sandstone boulders and Rose Rocks (the Oklahoma state mineral) scattered all around everywhere. The drawing was fine until the wind picked up and nearly sailed me and my paper into the drink. You can see those drawings here.

3 thoughts on “Drawings and Paintings

  1. Douglas says:

    Just a comment to say I am reading and liking your blog. I just never have comments to make. That’s probably good since I am hugely jealous of your talent and in real danger of becoming a drooling fanboy.

    Enjoying the two new feature so far and looking to watching them grow.

  2. zeladoniac says:

    Yes, you can get bigger views by going over to the sidebar and clicking on “One Hundred Starts”, then clicking on the thumbnails for the enlargements. Thanks for the comment!

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