Methinks it Needs a Duck

Start #5, Pond

Can’t you just see a pair of Mallard floating in the sun? Stay tuned for avian additions.

Here’s the latest- it’s #5 in the One Hundred Starts series. There’s a little pond next to our property. In twelve years I’ve never gone over there to paint (I’ve never hardly gone anywhere to paint), and in the last few months someone’s finally bought this orphaned property, it seems. While I was out there splatting paint on the canvas a red pickup rolled past, stopped, and backed up so the people inside could give gave me a long look. I waved, they waved and drove on. No one kicked me out. It’s a nice spot to paint- I saw at least five more possible paintings in the morning light. Who knows how many will be available at Happy Hour?

6 thoughts on “Methinks it Needs a Duck

  1. Janet says:

    Want my opinion? Well, actually, I’m going to give it to you anyway!

    Don’t add a duck, it’s a beautiful painting as it is right now. My mother had a beautiful painting of ocean swells, everyone suggested that she add “some birds or something,” so, she did. She added terns and the whole painting just “lost something!”


  2. zeladoniac says:

    Oh, gosh, I probably will leave the thing as is and keep going. I did #6 and #7 today and will put them up soon. They don’t need no ducks, either.

    I’m painting on canvas right now because it’s what I have handy. I might try linen-covered panels, too, and of course, there’s always masonite. But I like the feel of canvas the more I use it. Thanks for visiting, by the way. I’m glad to have you here.

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