Those Doggone Search Engines

In WordPress, you have a “dashboard” where you get to see what terms people are using to find your blog. I just checked my dashboard and learned that someone (and you know who you are) found their way here by using the term, “golden retriever rolling in snow”. How the heck that happened, I’ll never know, because I googled the same words and came up empty, since there hasn’t ever been such a thing on this blog. So now by popular demand, I’m posting here a video of my very own golden retriever Cody, rolling in the snow. If you listen closely, you can hear him groaning like an old man getting a hot stone massage. Not that I would know what that sounds like.

9 thoughts on “Those Doggone Search Engines

  1. Janet Wilkins says:

    He is a nice dog, I love dogs and miss having one. I also wonder about those search terms … I tried two of them today as “whoever” accessed one of my entries from last May. In each case, I went back to sixteen pages. That’s enough for me, I get sick of it after that. Still, my blog entry did not show up! So, where did they find it? Who knows!

  2. Gayle says:

    I’m not sure what I put into the search engine. DZefinitely nothing to do with Golden Retrievers, but I’m glad I found you. I love your work and will be back.

  3. Lyn Weir says:

    According to the google search on you used the words golden retriever and snow on this same page. Google scans pages for keywords – unfortunately the actual relationship of the words may be in completely separate statements on a page! Establishing keywords within addresses, pages, browser titles and anywhere else you can on a page increases googles chances of picking up that page. I have spent over 6 months on my website trying all of this out after having it explained in a workshop about emarketing for artists – and it actually works.
    Anyway on “golden retriever rolling in snow” search on google now you come up as No 1 with the youtube video!
    I love our work and blog and regularly visit it to see what you’re working on.

  4. Michelle Johnson says:

    Cody couldn’t be any sweeter. He is trying to make you a snow angel. But, as Pheidole said it turned out to be a rectangle. Thanks for sharing such a sweet image.

    Also, just a reminder, I will be posting your picture tomorrow morning, early afternoon for Poefusion. Thanks again for the use of the pic. Have a nice night.

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