Greetings From Petersham


Ensconced in the beautiful Harvard Forest in Petersham, Massachusetts, I can safely say that our backyard here is fabulous- hemlocks and hardwoods as far as the eye can see, snowmelt streaming through mossy banks and crashing over rocks, the forest floor a cushy mat of soft compressed leaves, pleasing to walk on. Round mossy boulders beckon the contemplative sitter with perfect butt comfort, and the wind whipping the high treetops like masts on stormy seas only barely whispers down below on the forest floor. Nirvana.

The forecast for Nirvana is sleet and snow tomorrow; today I’ll take a sketchbook to the waterfall out back. Check with you later.

Need I say more?

4 thoughts on “Greetings From Petersham

  1. Janet Wilkins says:

    Welcome to Massachusetts! I love waterfalls … later, toward summer, if you can find a calm pool of water where the wildlife come to bathe and to drink, I sincerely hope you do lots and lots and lots of sketches there! Happy sketching, painting, and don’t forget to have some maple syrup! 😉

  2. MojoMan says:

    It looks like I arrived on a bad day…sorry about Cody. It seems sudden.

    I, too, am looking forward to your Petersham sketches. It’s not very far from me here in eastern Massachusetts and somewhat similar to the local woods where I spend a lot of time, wishing I could draw.

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