Why It Pays to Shop Around

What I Got: Sennelier Oil Stick Wood Boxed Set of 36 (missing 6) still in their original plastic wrappers
Where I Got It: Salvation Army, Hadley, Massachusetts
How Much I Paid: $2.99. That’s right, two dollars and ninety-nine cents, not including tax.
How Proud I Am of My Shopping Savvy: This is how much this thing usually costs. I’m doing my little Happy Bargain Hunter Dance over here.
What I’m Going To Do With It: Stay tuned-there’ll be a learning curve!

6 thoughts on “Why It Pays to Shop Around

  1. Sherrie Y says:

    Woohoo! It’s like hitting the lottery, only better because a) you don’t have to pay taxes and b) you don’t have to share and c) you don’t have to lend your likeness to stupid commercials.

  2. Becky says:

    How fun is that! Can’t wait to see what you do with them. I wonder if you can “draw” with them outside — or make big color shapes — then take them inside to integrate with turps, etc.? Just wondering. I hope you post your experiments with them. Congrats on your find!

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