What We’ll All Be Doing When the Oil Runs Out

Garrison Keillor has the right idea about new ways to entertain ourselves in the post-SUV era, but his solution may be alarming to some.

…..we will need to amuse ourselves in new ways. I predict that banjo sales will pick up…..

Fortunately, I’m way ahead of the curve.

Sweet, light and crude: reducing my carbon footprint one tune at a time. The tune is”Home Sweet Home”, naturally.

8 thoughts on “What We’ll All Be Doing When the Oil Runs Out

  1. TR says:

    That was a surprise and a treat. You’ve made my day! You’re wit, charm and obvious banjo talent are effervescent. Come home soon!

  2. Sherrie Y says:

    I did my part by adding a musician to the household, since I couldn’t be one myself. Works great, since I can still drink a glass of wine whilst he’s busy playing.

  3. zeladoniac says:

    Sherry-adding a musician to your household reduces your carbon footprint considerably, and there are many musicians, myself included, who can drink and drive a banjo without any noticeable effect on their music, but that only applies to banjos. Thanks for doing so much to improve the environment!

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