Friday Figures- Man with fur hat

A rare male model posed for us today, all buttoned up and dignified under an oversized fur hat (I would have guessed fox, or maybe coyote). I imagined him as a Russian come in from the cold, or maybe a Maine trapper, wondering where he left his snowshoes.

Man in Fur Hat, oil on Arches oil-primed paper, 22" x 15". 2 hour pose.
Man in Fur Hat, oil on Arches oil-primed paper, 22″ x 15″. 2 hour pose.

Happy Friday.

2 thoughts on “Friday Figures- Man with fur hat

  1. Daniel thompson says:

    As usual, I loved your post. As a bioligst with some experience with south and central ameria I’ll always miss art from those gounds. You and I have actually cross a some grouns in Panama and somewhat aroud Manaus. But I’ll never tire of anything you blog. I’m a pre-kindergarten practionist of art but am actually a somewhat adult to greatly appreciate and learn from anythin you awfer. Thank you. Keep it up.

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