Sketch of the Day: Nyhavn Dusk

Perspective on Nyhavn Canal. Antman and I have begun a small new tradition in which, at the end of the day, we take a couple of Carlsberg beers down to the wharf's wood edge and watch the passing show. We listening to street music, to the creaking of ropes and spars on the moored ships, to the crying of gulls. It's cheap entertainment. Mike usually reads, I usually sketch. Here, a street guitarist sings, people walk, sidewalk cafes are busy, and a young woman in nice leather boots rests her feet and listens to the music, too. Pencil on Moleskine 5 x 8 sketchbook.
Evening at Nyhavn. At the end of a nice day Antman and I like to sit on the wharf’s wooden edge and enjoy the passing show. He reads, I sketch. A guitarist serenades, people wander, cafes bustle, and a young woman in leather boots rests her feet and takes it in, too. Nyhavn is a canal in Copenhagen; the name means, “new harbor” and is pronounced (something like) “new-howen”.

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