Sketch of the Day: Fruit and Flowers, Copenhagen

Fruit and Flower Stand, Gammel Torv, Copenhagen. The Old Square. The Italian Food Market cleared out and made more room for the regular street vendors, including this stand. The vendor sang the specials at intervals. I don't know enough Danish,  but I think it was a ripe nectarine
Fruit and Flower Stand, Gammel Torv, Copenhagen. After last week’s Italian Food Market cleared out , the regular vendors came back to fill the void. Including this one, who sang out the specials every few minutes in a plaintive tune. I don’t know much Danish, but it sounded like a hymn to ripe figs, six for 20 kroner. Watercolor over pencil on Stillman & Birn Alpha Series 8 1/2″ x 11″ sketchbook.

I get so many good comments here, and this one in particular has generated an answer that might be useful to others:

Body Art says:

Hi Debby, I love your sketch. Would you mind explaining your process? I would appreciate info on your technique if that is possible. Thanks!

Thank you, Body Art. I’ll try to explain- it’s a high-speed approach that catches overall gesture and shape before detail, then refines from there. Street sketching and bird drawing are really similar: they both have moving parts and require a fast hand.

There’s no one method for making a drawing. Every situation poses its own challenges, but here are three tips. Tip 1: draw statues. Depending on the sculptor, they can make for awesome anatomical studies.Tip 2: touch everything a lot. Develop your tactile memory to allow you to “feel” in your mind what you’re drawing on the paper. Pet your dog or your cat for a few minutes, a nice thing to do anyway, and then make a drawing. You’ll have a stronger sense of volume, proportion and, I guess, fur; and a better sense of how an animal is shaped. Tip 3: gesture-draw a two-minute scribble of something- your sleeping dog, your friend, your bicycle- on a regular basis. It will teach you to drop the detail and convey the gist. It also gets your hand/eye up to speed. Set your timer, and go.

Hope that made some sense, and hope it helps!

4 thoughts on “Sketch of the Day: Fruit and Flowers, Copenhagen

  1. 7891samoth says:

    I like the atmosphere of this one. Am i right to assume that this is the square with the old court? I’m from Denmark, but i rarely visit Copenhagen. I hope you’re enjoying yourslef if you’re on a touristic visit! How long do you spend on a work like this?

  2. zeladoniac says:

    Yes, this is the old square with the gold fountain right off Frederiksberggade. Great place to people watch, and very enjoyable. This sketch took about 45 minutes. Next time I’m there, I’ll be sure to draw that pretty fountain. Thanks for the comment!

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