Sketch of the Day: Rainy, with a twist of sun

Sunlight at the Copenhagen Botanical Garden.
This is what art is truly good for: catching sunlight on potted plants in August to save up for a cold rainy day in September. These agaves are planted in formal urns along the balustrade of the grand Victorian iron-and-glass hot-house at Copenhagen’s Botanical Garden. Come to think of it, the Victorian hot-house could be a dandy spot for some upcoming Danish winter-weather natural history drawing. At least it’ll be warm. Watercolor and pencil in Moleskine 5″ x 8″ sketchbook.

One thought on “Sketch of the Day: Rainy, with a twist of sun

  1. Marci says:

    You are always thinking and always resourceful! I bet you will uncover a secret bird aviary! Much love to you. I am cheering you on! Love this posts!!!

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