Copenhagen Culture Night, and an unrelated Paris question

Lights on the harbor, Copenhagen, at the tail-end of Culture Night.
Culture Night lights on Copenhagen’s calm harbor. The city turned into one vast Open House.

Still recovering from Copenhagen’s Culture Night (Friday) and have no sketches to show for it, although it was fun surfing the tide of humanity in and out of concerts, Danish military drills, museums, 12th century ruins under a palace, the halls of power at the Danish Parliament (think: Borgen), and a unique ballet on the Botanical Garden’s lake, where a glowing sprite danced eerily on the water. It was ingeniously done: a projector beamed the will-‘o-the-wisp onto clouds of fog and it danced on the lake to insistent cello orchestrations (which I can’t get out of my head) for a superbly stirring effect.

Brilliant light-play at the Thorvaldsen Museum. Seeing the Thorvaldsen after dark, with dramatic lights and music swelling through the museum, took the sculptures to a whole other plane. I almost think this is the only way to see it.
Brilliant light-play after dark in the Thorvaldsen Museum. This might be the best way to view sculpture: as a performance piece.

A friend took his family to kid-friendly venues. At the Ministry for the Environment, kids made their own crepes in a fire-pit and a deer was gutted and grilled; at an art museum, a room-sized chocolate-colored clay birthday cake complete with lit candles featured the artist herself embedded nude in the frosting.

The Royal Drum Corps beat a night tattoo using glow-in-the-dark drumsticks. At the finish the sticks were tossed in a whirl of pink, green and blue into the the crowd. Antman caught one and slipped it in his coat pocket. Whenever we lost each other in the surging crowds, he held it high as a beacon to guide me back to safe harbor.

Think: Borgen. Great series about the Danish Parliament. On Culture Night, the Parliament was open to the public, with each political party holding a little meet and greet in their own room opening off the main corridors. I took some campaign literature and scoped out the candidates, of course.
The Parliament was open on Culture Night. With lots of political parties in Denmark, there were many festive rooms set up for meet-and-greets. On the sly, I collected campaign literature.

This Wednesday we head off to Paris, our first trip. I’m practicing my bon jours and s’il vous plaits and sharpening pencils, and I have a question for you: what’s your favorite place to sketch in Paris? Let me know, and I’ll try to go there and make a drawing. Thanks in advance for your recommendations.

Happy Monday!

6 thoughts on “Copenhagen Culture Night, and an unrelated Paris question

  1. Septa says:

    If the Weather is good you can go on the roof of “les galleries lafayette” or “Le Printemps”. There is a nice view on Paris and the Opera. If the weather is bad, there is always a lot of beautifull thing to draw in the Louvres, and of lot beautifull dead animals at “La Galerie de l’évolution”

    1. zeladoniac says:

      Septa- I’ll check it out. La Galerie de l’évolution sounds like just the ticket. Thanks for the recommendations!

  2. Zoe says:

    Two places I wish I had a sketchbook: The Rodin Garden (part of the Museum) and the Picasso Museum.

    Have a wonderful time, and hope the weather is good for your visit.

  3. hmunro says:

    Am I too late to offer Paris sketch recommendations? The Place des Vosges offers some wonderful architectural details, and the view of the Pont Neuf and the Île de la Cité from the Pont des Arts is one of my favorite vistas in Paris. But really, you can’t go wrong by just strolling around and seeing what captures your fancy. Profitez-en bien !

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