Sketch of the Day: A Slice of Noma, Well Chilled

A View of Noma, the world's best restaurant.
The World’s Best Restaurant, Noma, from the harbor quay by Nyhavn, Copenhagen. While I sat sketching this, a car pulled up next to me and the middle-aged driver leaned out the window and warned of the consequences of sitting on cold stone. “The cold will enter your body and rise through your organs, and your health will be forever damaged,” he said, “I should know. I’m a Viking.” I thanked him and said I would consider his advice (which he repeated twice more). After this chat he wished me luck (with my internal organs, I assume) and drove off in his Alfa Romeo, which surely had heated seats. So, back to Noma- it’s supposed to be great, highly innovative, hard to get into, and very very expensive. But I had sketched it from a cold stone on the Copenhagen wharf, and now I’m a wee bit anxious. Watercolor over pencil on 8 1/2″ x 11″ Robert Bateman sketchbook.


One thought on “Sketch of the Day: A Slice of Noma, Well Chilled

  1. Marci Helov says:

    Take Airborne. Lol. You are having an adventure. The fox hunt photos are beautiful. Will you be dining at Noma? We are at Lsurie Raphael in Quebec. Anyone going to Quebec must eat there! Amazing.

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