Field Day Friday

Relaxed rodeo bull chews cud in fresh spring Oklahoma pasture. I drove down random country roads today, looking for nice things to paint. This sweet scene presented itself and I pulled off the road to sketch it. It's also a great way to meet ranchers. Who were friendly and welcoming when they learned I was only there to sketch. Watercolor over pencil, 10" x 8" Strathmore 400 Series Field Drawing sketchbook.
Relaxed rodeo bull chews cud in a fresh Oklahoma pasture. Watercolor over pencil, 9″ x 12″” Strathmore 400 Series Field Drawing spiral bound book.

I drove down country roads and looked for nice things to paint today. It’s been a bright pink and green kind of spring day, with redbuds in explosive bloom and floaty scrims of chartreuse across the gray windbreaks. The grass looked juicy. A herd of hump-shouldered cattle cropped away on foot, or rested on their chests and elbows, processing cud.

A sweetly bovid scene, and I parked two tires on the road’s thin shoulder to sketch it, thus learning what a great way this is to meet ranchers. They rolled up out of nowhere, one after the other, driving extended-cab trucks and inquiring who I might be. But they were kind and welcoming once they saw I was a small female artist, strictly there to sketch. Not even my paper was rustling.

That’s a joke.

Here's something along similar lines- a muskox with her baby flanked against the wind. It's from a life sketch made at the Copenhagen Zoo this fall, and I'm happy to say it's been selected for the show, Art of the Animal Kingdom XX at the Bennington Center for the Arts. Oil on Arches primed paper, 15" x 11". Titled, "Ice Age".
Here’s something along similar lines-“Ice Age”; a muskox mother protects her baby from that cold Scandinavian wind in the lee of a warm flank. It started out as a sketch at the Copenhagen Zoo this fall and ended up in oil on paper. I’m proud to announce that it’s been selected for “Art of the Animal Kingdom XX” at Vermont’s Bennington Center For The Arts. Oil on Arches primed paper, 15″ x 11″.

What is it about hoofed beasts and spring? I’ll chew that one over and get back to you.

Happy Friday.

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