A Solid Afternoon of Life Drawing

Drawings from today's session with my favorite model. After I get them scanned I'll post them individually. Two hours of three and six minute poses. Nineteen drawings, fourteen keepers. All 11" x 15" on Rives BFK paper. Awesome day. More tomorrow.
Drawings from today’s session with my favorite model. After they’re scanned they’ll be posted individually. Two happy hours of 3 and 6 minute poses. 19 drawings, 14 of them keepers. All 11″ x 15″. Those are the stats. Graphite on Rives BFK paper. A very good day. Tune in tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “A Solid Afternoon of Life Drawing

  1. Alan Medak says:

    A very good day indeed! To draw great figures like these in just a few minutes is very impressive, especially to someone who also attempts life drawing. You really see the lights, darks and in between shadows so well. Your handling of foreshortening appears to be effortless as well. I’m kind of envious of such skill. Thanks for sharing these.

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