Painting California

A homecoming for me. Painting the beautiful central coast. Happy to be here, with pastels and pencil.

Is it Thursday? I’ll be here another week. What could be better than fall at Elkhorn Slough?

If I find something, I’ll let you know. 

Happy Thursday.   

6 thoughts on “Painting California

  1. Marcella Heslov says:

    Beautiful. Fall at Elkhorn Slough…hmmm…personally, I am not enjoying the cool off here in California at the moment. We leave for Munich on November 24. Need to start thinking of packing, have to get some tights, and look for warm socks! Hugs, Marci


  2. thermion (@Thermion7) says:

    Debby- I have followed and admired you for quite some time.
    Your finished paintings are awesome, but for me- Your sketches are amazing – A few well placed gestures. light and dark shown with a few confident strokes. Looking at the finished sketch, I can almost see the rhythm in which it was drawn… I love it when that happens.

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