View from the Slough

At Elkhorn Slough, taking it from rough sketch to pastel painting:


About zeladoniac

Debby Kaspari travels the world with sketchbook and binoculars, drawing and painting in wild and not-so-wild landscapes. Norman, Oklahoma is her home base, and she lives there with her tropical ecologist husband and a mackerel tabby named Gizmo.
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5 Responses to View from the Slough

  1. Jurgen van der Meer says:


  2. Corienne Cotter says:


  3. Chris Marsh says:


    Where is this? Is this north of San Diego? If so, are you seeing flocks of marbled godwits?


  4. Gail pidduck says:

    Thanks for sharing the process! Your painting better than “real life”.

  5. von says:

    love this one..great sense of light…

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