Seriously, Happy Friday

A good haul from California. Got home to Oklahoma very late last night, couldn’t sleep, pulled out the 14 pastels for review and was fairly pleased. Want to go back and get some more, soon. You can go home again. Seriously. 


8 thoughts on “Seriously, Happy Friday

  1. Susan Pennington says:

    Hi! My husband and I met you at Elkhorn Slough and enjoyed seeing your pastel work….you certainly are prolific and talented as I discovered after reviewing your website, Beautiful work and inspiring for me as a beginner!

  2. Jane silberstein says:

    Debbie – your works of art have left me in awe – I look at places differently now- Mark and I went to point Lobos today and I thought of you and your beautiful paintings – thank you So much for Sharing your self with sum-‘it,was such a joy here’s to many more paintings in the near future. You are a treasure

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