Heavy weather? Not too bad for birds.

Feeder birds on a freezing National Bird Day, caught in pen and ink. Bluejays make handsome models, but even starlings are kind of pretty when you look close- lovely iridescence, handsome red legs, attractive dotted white on black, plus they flock in mesmerizing amoebic patterns. Super obnoxious personalities and other poor habits, and in North America they are an invasive and problematic species. But super fun to draw! Rotring Tikky Graphic 0.2 pen in 5 x8 Moleskine lightweight sketchbook

There’s this magic suet recipe that’s easy to make and highly effective for attracting birds. Once you start putting Zick Dough out there, the mobbing never stops until the last crumb is picked by the smallest wren. Just place a feeder by a window and watch it from a comfy chair with hot tea and sketchbook in hand. You will have instant live models. Ready, set, sketch.

Pencil sketches and a query for British birders. Starlings on the mind. 5×8 Moleskine lightweight sketchbook.

Good practice for bird-drawing. From where I sat, I didn’t even need binoculars. Which was nice, because, from where they sat, it was 16 degrees F.


News flash: Drawing the Motmot has just been named one of the Top 25 Drawing Blogs by Feedspot. An awesome honor.

Happy Friday.


11 thoughts on “Heavy weather? Not too bad for birds.

  1. Elizabeth M Corsa says:

    Beautiful sketches. I love painting starlings too as well as cowbirds and all the other “problem” birds. It’s not their fault; nature just designed them that way. Love your blog!

  2. Pete Mantle says:

    Think we have “exported” more to the States than the other way round. Starling, House Sparrow, Mute Swan, Greenfinch to name a few. We did have Ruddy Ducks for a while until they started migrating to Spain and hybridising with the much rarer White headed Duck. And were then shot. Grey Squirrels are a problem here (they damage trees and have pushed out the native Red Squirrel. Sadly, our Starlings are steadily decreasing partly due to fewer available nest sites

    1. zeladoniac says:

      It’s odd that starlings (and I heard something about house sparrows- is that true?) are declining in their home territories. Sorry about the gray squirrels. And thanks for the comments!

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