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Why I’m Glad I’m Not Painting Polar Bears

Are you staying warm? No? Me neither. It’s freezing, hasn’t gotten above 25 degrees F in more than a week, hovers mostly around 10, not counting sub-zero wind chill. It snows  just enough to close the public schools every few … Continue reading

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New year, with various cats

I’m a cat lover, which doesn’t mean anything but it’s a nice excuse to share kitty pics with you. The Smilodon skull above is a fabulous museum quality cast of a fossil, purchased from the Museum of Osteology’s gift shop. … Continue reading

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Cat and Mouse: Catch the Gesture in Figure Drawing

At 4 am Mike shakes me awake: “Something’s wrong with the cat”.  A banshee wail comes from the living room. I call her name as though summoning a spirit. Her shape speeds past me in the dark and dives into … Continue reading

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