Why I’m Glad I’m Not Painting Polar Bears

Underpainting of a sleeping jaguar, somewhere around dawn in the leaf litter on Barro Colorado Island, Panama. I've never seen a jaguar there, but they have them there, or at least one. Oil on canvas, 48" x 24".
Underpainting of sleeping jaguar in the leaf litter of Barro Colorado Island, Panama. I’ve never seen a jaguar there, but they do prowl that forest, as do ocelots and pumas, keeping the coatis and agoutis in check. That glare at the left is wet paint. Oil on canvas, 48″ x 24″.

Are you staying warm? No? Me neither. It’s freezing, hasn’t gotten above 25 degrees F in more than a week, hovers mostly around 10, not counting sub-zero wind chill. It snows  just enough to close the public schools every few days. Very unusual around these parts. I’m trying to shiver my way through a new painting right now, wearing long underwear and a fleece neck gaiter and fingerless gloves. This is inside the house. I think we have a little insulation problem. Our windows are double-hung antiques and the chilly scenes of winter outside are all wavy and whitish. Ice grows like psychedelic mold on the inside of the panes. Like I said, a little problem.

Another warm scene. Crimson fronted parakeets flying past a sunny patch of heliconia leaves. Oil on canvas, 24" x 30".
Another scene to warm your hands over. Crimson fronted parakeets flying past a sunny patch of heliconia leaves on BCI. Oil on canvas, 24″ x 30″.

And while hot tea and mulled cider affords a decent bit of inner glow, so does painting tropical subjects. I’m glad I’m not trying to paint snow scenes. That would freeze me to death.

Happy Friday.

9 thoughts on “Why I’m Glad I’m Not Painting Polar Bears

  1. Corienne says:

    Yes, good idea to paint the tropics. Didn’t realize you were so cold there. Better replace those windows soon!! Hope you have down comforters and, of course, power!

  2. sally markell says:

    I love seeing what you are working on, and the writing too. I always smile, then motivate myself to return to the studio, where I must add, I have great heat! (I still wear long underwear). This is Memphis, TN. It is suppose to be mild here. (HA).

  3. Fiona says:

    Well here I am in the tropics of Australia, and the snow pictures make me feel cooler. Strange how our minds work. I hope your winter is over soon, it seems to have been a particularly nasty winter over there. Never having lived in snow, I just don’t know how you manage to get around to shop, or visit, or go to work. Stay warm. The parakeets are fantastic.

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