Litter Pie, cont.

Now I’ve got the photos printed out and sketches scanned and composited into a nice pencil layout. It’s in Photoshop, which means I can continue adding componants: collembola and millipedes and more ants and all sorts of nice arthropods. It’s getting crowded in there, for a pie. When it’s all worked out visually I’ll get Mike to check for proportion and accuracy, then I’ll draw it onto a gessoed board to get it going in acrylic.

While I’m working I’m listening to the wonderful Mary TIlson’s America’s Back 40 show, online, from KPFA in Berkeley. Great roots music, Americana, whatever they’re calling these days. She’s on every Sunday from 1 to 3 pm, Pacific Time. Here’s the url:

Keeps me going.

One thought on “Litter Pie, cont.

  1. MP Rocker says:

    Nice piece (pun intended) of art. What happens after its served it use as a photograph? Does it go to a compost pile to recycle? Is the Litter pie something original to Mike? Do you plan to publish a recipe. I think you’re on to something.

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