Litter Pie, ready to paint

Spent the morning making small revisions to my drawing with Mike’s direction to guide me: added a few ants, got them sized in proportion, changed the pose of the millipede, and so forth. Things a scientist would notice. While I was waiting for him to give me the go-ahead I worked on another project, mermaids for a figurine set. How different is that?

Note my project manager, Gizmo, keeping an eye on me from the window seat.

FInally, I got my okay on the litter pie, so I bundled up warm in a heavy coat, muffler and fingerless gloves and went out to the unheated garage where I keep my overhead projector set up. Drawing the sketch onto prepared board took a little over an hour and one cup of coffee. Now I’m ready to start painting.

I have been asked what I’ll do with the litter pie when I’m done with the painting, and I think the birds will get the crust, while the compost pile will get the leaves. So far I’m not very tempted, myself.

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