Eagle Wrestling

In case you hadn’t been aware, I like to work on several paintings at a time. Keeps things fresh. When something starts “growing hair” as I like to say, it’s time to put it aside and pick up another painting. The kite is sitting pretty, or actually, pretty ugly, on one easel because I need to revamp the clouds and do something better with the leaves. And last time I painted on it it got worse. Stuff like that keeps me up at night wondering if I can ever paint again.

So this morning at 3:30 I was up and working and switched to the Harpy Eagle that’s been menacing me for weeks now. I keep correcting and correcting and changing the pose and trying to figure out why the head looks like Bart Simpson’s and after wrestling with it I think it’s pulled itself together. And now it’s time to knock off for the night and start over again tomorrow.

One thought on “Eagle Wrestling

  1. 100swallows says:

    This was worth getting out of bed for, motomot. I don’t “know” this eagle but the soft breast and belly feathers–no one but you could make them look so soft and fluffy.And the leaves are so good they almost steal the show from him. I think you did the right thing by straightening his tail. I don’t understand his headdress. Did the glare from your camera flash in that second picture do away with the leaves on the right or did you remove them?

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