Eagle Wrestling, cont.

It’s Thursday. Two days ago, realizing I’d painted myself in a corner-the poor eagle looked terrible and I didn’t know why–I called in the A Team: Jim Coe, Julie Zickefoose and Michael DiGiorgio, three crack bird artists of national renown and three of the best sets of eyes in the business. They had great and thorough comments, focusing on the foot, the belly feathering, the wings and basically, most of the bird. Through their guidance I nearly repainted everything and I think it’s a bit better. At least I hope so. I’ve also gotten onto a strange tack of otherworldly exploration. Mike says it looks like a fantasy illustration and I think he’s right.

Here is Julie’s blog and link to her website, well worth visiting again and again:

And here’s Jim Coe’s:

And a page about Mike DiGiorgio (also a banjo player extraordinare!)

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