Bye Bye Bears

Today I put the finishing touches on the black bear commission, at the last moment changing the mamma bear’s right eye to my satisfaction, furring in the muzzles and sharpening a few of the lupines into better focus. Many changes since last posting this piece and I think, many improvements. Painting black animals involves, actually, a lot of colors. The trick was playing warms against cools, which has the effect of creating dimension in ways that simple value does not. A pushing and pulling of the eye. I also experimented with lost edges here and there, letting the cub fall into darkness and emerge only where I wanted it to emerge. Less is more.

3 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bears

  1. Anonymous says:

    How is it that I can’t access the Elasmosaur’s page any longer…have there been any more updates from there on?
    Your fan follower..:)

  2. Zeladoniac says:

    Thanks for asking- the Elasmosaur has gone under wraps until June 2007, when the exhibit, “Collecting Oklahoma” opens at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History. Until then, stay tuned for other parts of the project (and other paintings and drawings), which I’ll post to my website, and here. Glad you’re watching!

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