Bears Redux

Just when I thought I was finished…a few days away and another look and, gee, this thing could use a little more color, maybe some contrast, you know, pump it up a little. So back to the drawing board and a freshened palette of magenta, cadmium orange, napthol crimson, lavender, ultramarine and cobalt blue. Lighten and brighten. In the process put a little more feather definition into the crow,

highlight the lupine, sculpt the bear craniums. Blur out the far edge of the mama bear’s face so it doesn’t look so flat.

Add a little bright blue and lavender shadow and reflected light into the rock faces.

Step back and appraise, decide it’s good, and varnish the damn thing before it gets away from me again. There. Now it’s a done deal and when the varnish cures it goes between two sheets of fomeboard and off to the west coast to its new owners.

Oh, yes- one more thing- re-title it, “Crow’s Wing”. It has a nice ring to it.

One thought on “Bears Redux

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just when one thinks there is nothing more that can be done, you come up with a li’l more detail that gives a new turn to the painting…enjoyed the stages that each work goes through…thanks for the updates…it ever so makes one see them come alive.

    your fan

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