Snow Job

Had a nice time running around shooting pictures of snow, shadows on snow, tall grass in snow,trees in snow, leaves with icicles, and dog rolling in snow. Lots of beautiful imagery. I dared paint a little of it. Did I take it outside and paint en plein air? Um, no. It was COLD! And I’m a wimp. So I painted from one of my photos. A total wimp.

It’s amazing how completely the scene changes with the time of day and angle of the sun. The shadows in the morning were deep and dark blue, at noon they were still long but lighter and with a reddish edge, and in the late afternoon the top surface of the snow was blue while down below the surface, where footprints had sunk down a couple of inches, the vertical walls were brightest white. Snow is a rarity out here and having the leisure to observe it was a gift indeed.

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